Friday 20 September 2013

Ang Low - Can’t Describe Her

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With 'Can't Describe Her', Ang Low weave a seam of eclectic inventiveness that lifts 'Can't…' away from simply being a good song and transforms it into something that is quite magical. There are the warming, hypnotic vocals of Ang Low himself which seep deep into you. Then the song twists and turns in simply delightful ways. It has deftness of touch that is entrancing, but with a pure pop undercurrent.

No 1D pop, rather sophisticated parts like Pharrell jamming with Timberlake while infusing eccentricities and twisted delights as seen by fellow New Yorkers  TV On The Radio. But for all the points of comparison that can be made, 'Can't...' stands alone as being truly greater than its parts and Ang Low deliver us a vibrant, wondrous song. My only true critique is that it is over too quickly, leaving you yearning for more.

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