Thursday 19 September 2013

Menion - Menion

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Menion is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and instrumentalist Stefano Ferrari whose “playful electronic music and visionary consists of elements of glitch-hop, ambient, and post-rock”. Having already released two EPs ('Out Of Sound/Out Of Silence' and 'Soft Darkness') via two different labels, Menion returned to initial label La bèl netlabel to release his 10-track self-titled début album back in June of this year, and in doing so has sonically created an existential world where each separate song takes on its own life and embarks on its own journey with an end destination that is seemingly unknown.

With that being said, the music never seems loose, lost or without purpose. Menion has just found a way to speak out with the same voice to a collective and allow the recipient to interpret and respond to what they are hearing depending on their own solitary thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions. Opening track, 'Night In Berlin', clunks, clicks, hisses, pops, shimmers and snags along between a heavily unexpected dubstep beat. 'Stai attento ai segnali' begins slow and glitchy, before building into a surreal blend of layered sound. At one part it reminded me a bit of a quirky, drunk magician trying to shuffle a pack of cards - at another it crescendos into some sort of bizarre out-of-body animalistic experience that made me feel a sense of violation and freedom all in one go!

'Sound Emotional Translator A', 'Sound Emotional Translator B’ and ‘Sound Emotional Translator C’ are all short, sweet, and full of wonder at 53 seconds, 49 seconds and 1 minute 8 seconds long respectively. Each are exploration and abstract and fade-out leaving you longing for more. They don't however, follow in the same sound or complete one another. They breathe alone. 'Lech Mich' has the initial feel of an early, electronic, Linkin Park experimentation. 'Sopra un aeroplanino di carta' is the hidden gem of the album. It's funky, groove-infused jazz vibes are equally calming and edgy. Its dreamy post-rock presence allows you to adventure into another universe.

'Menion' fades out with 'Sound Emotional Translator (Neeva Remix)' an unnerving, urgent sci-fi track that calls out to your darker side. The album is predominately focused on the use of the guitar and the amount of ways it can be manipulated by passing through countless electronic processes to create a limitless world of vibrancy and possibility. His combined vision and talent has definitely paid off this time around. This album will especially appeal to open-minded dreamers, misfits, and fantastics who expect the unexpected and remain shackle-free; much like Menion and his music.

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