Thursday 19 September 2013

Fé - Time

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It's début single time for London duo , always an exciting point in any band's career. Yes, Fé are a duo and yes the music they make could be described as a form of electro-pop, so in that respect they're stuck in the middle of a near endless crowd, However, 'Time' is a little different to what you might be expecting. How the music is created can be difficult to tell; any half decent music software can accurately reproduce the sound of any instrument, making it impossible to guess whether it's digital or the real thing. It doesn't matter, what matters is if the tune is any good. Simple as.

They expand to a quartet live to help recreate the layers that are incorporated into songs like this. You can detect (possibly) stringed instruments of many kinds (cello, violin, guitar?) but the convergence of all the sounds they use go beyond the simple identification of a regular rock band and their like. So it's somewhat paradoxical that 'Time' has a definite indie-type sound to it and is likely to catch the ears of both fans of classy and inventive music and more regular tunes as well. Let's hope they've started as they mean to go on.

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