Tuesday 24 September 2013

Weaves - Take A Dip

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Upon hearing recent single 'Motorcycle', it seemed that Toronto's Weaves were an unusual band, one that didn't have a settled sound or a particular direction to head towards. You could hear garage, punk, psychedelia, reggae, prog... it was a wonderful cocktail. New single 'Take A Dip' feels more defined and gives you a better impression of how the band's overall sound may develop (or may already be, we've only heard these early singles, they may have many more). Once more it doesn't follow a straight path, it meanders through the musical landscape as though it's taking in the sights.

There are dual guitars, one laying down the general rhythm of the song, but without really being your regular "rhythm guitar", and the other coating swathes of contorted sound across the track like brush strokes over a huge canvas. You can definitely call this psychedelia in a more conventional way, but it also touches on modern garage. So while it's got some old rarities on its jukebox, it's trying to craft something new to pass on the mantle from those tunes that inspired it. 'Take A Dip' tidies up our notion of the band a bit, and it does this without bowing down to the ordinary. Weaves are turning out to be an enticing prospect.

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Catch them live:

09/28 - Montreal, QC - Club Lambi (Buzz/NeXT Showcase @ POP Montreal)
10/10 - London, ON - 264 Dundas
10/11 - Hamilton, ON - Baltimore House
10/12 - Toronto, ON - The White House
10/18 - New York, NY (CMJ)

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