Tuesday 17 September 2013

Cocos Lovers - Emily

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.com

In what seems to be a scene from the First World War acted out by children, 'Emily' opens on a sombre note with music to match. The opening minute or so have you anticipating a timeless and traditional folk sound; not overly Celtic and definitely not part of the so called "nu-folk" movement, but that soon changes in more ways than one. It's strangely poignant seeing children playing out some kind of hostage situation, possibly on England's south coast, but they soon forget about that, drop the guns and begin playing; larking about as children do, only here it's in front of gratified concrete structures from the war years.

'Gold Or Dust' is the third album from Cocos Lovers, an exotic indie-folk collective from Kent, and 'Emily' is its first single. Much like the way the video shows the contrast of dark and light, hope and hopelessness (and it ends with a lone girl playing some kind of bowed instrument on a cliff top), so too does this song deal in contrasts; here they're between past and present, slow and fast, simple and ordained. The arrangements grow as the song progresses until it reaches a level that could perhaps be described as stately, but always natural with it.

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Catch them live:

Sep 18 Surya, London, UK
Sep 19 Bom Banes Cafe, Brighton, UK
Sep 20 Prince Albert, Stroud, UK
Sep 21 Kingsdown Village Hall, Kingsdown, UK
Sep 25 Portland Arms, Cambridgeshire, UK
Sep 26 The Castle Hotel, Manchester, UK
Sep 27 Open, Norwich, UK
Sep 28 The Railway, Winchester, UK
Sep 29 Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable, UK
Oct 03 The Canteen, Bristol, UK
Oct 04 Malt Cross, Nottingham, UK
Nov 07 Blue Sky Café, Bangor, UK
Nov 08 Queens Hall, Narberth, UK
Nov 09 Four Bars At Dempseys, Cardiff, UK
Feb 02 Chapel Arts Centre,  Bath, UK

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