Wednesday 18 September 2013

Caviare Days - Who Deprived You Of Your Smile?

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It's back to the debate about good pop music versus factory-farmed pop robots with identical songs and vacuous personalities again. After suggesting that Sweden's pop charts may be a darn sight better than ours a few months back, I was assured that they still have the same production-line junk clogging the system over there. So I guess it's time to be thankful that we largely get sent the good stuff. Swedish sisters Caviare Days are perhaps not out-and-out pop, more a mixture of alt-pop and even indie/psychedelic sounds. That was definitely the case on the ace 'When The Light Is Breaking'.

They've caught the ears of pop luminaries such as Benny and Bjorn from ABBA who are known fans, and have also played with Icona Pop. There's even talk of a possibly collaboration in the near future, so that could propel them to bigger heights. Songs like 'Who Deprived You Of Your Smile?' are deserving of a wider audience, but the use of guitars and organ that could be lifted from the late '60s mean the swirling psych they incorporate into their less commercial version of pop music will never become a part of the vulgar establishment that would ensure fame and fortune. That may not be great news for their bank manager, but it's music to our ears.

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