Friday 27 September 2013

This Early Autumn - Mood

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Much like large parts of Africa and mid-Asia, South America remains a fairly untapped musical landscape for us, although we do try our best and find great music wherever we can. That said, we'll never be featuring an artist based on location; the tunes have to be up to scratch. With a few inroads made into some countries of that vast continent, we think This Early Autumn are the first Columbian band we've covered. Based in the capital, Bogotá, from a soup of influences that includes Radiohead, Queen, Placebo, A-Ha, Keane and, weirdly, little know Scandi-pop group Eskobar (I wonder if they're better known in that part of the world as they (almost) share a name with tragic Columbian footballer Andrés Escobar?), this band have come up with some prime guitar-pop.

It can't be easy for a band from their country to make inroads into the UK market, and in fact the album from which 'Mood' is taken ('Primary Pursuit') was first released in 2011, but with a video and single release for the UK this coming week they're hoping for a bit more attention. If they can keep us supplied with sparkling, buzzing guitar-pop like this song then we'll keep promoting them until the world wakes up and listens. 'Mood' is a very good song, one that sounds like a lot of bands, but try finding a direct comparison and you'll struggle. They may be taking inspiration from the work of others but they're converting it, highly successfully, into something that's truly their own.

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