Friday 20 September 2013

Crash Island - Strange Shores

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Due in part to their members coming from different corners of the world (Wales, Spain, France and South Africa to be precise), London-based Crash Island have been able to showcase their sounds all over the place, with an enviable list of countries already ticked-off on their gig list. When we reviewed them last year it sounded as though they'd come a long way in a short time and had plenty more to offer as they became more established and had time to gel more. The trio of songs here prove that to be right. Produced by Gordon Raphael (the man at the desk for The Strokes' early work), they've caught a few well know ears along the way.

Of course being a Strokes sound-alike band is the last thing anyone needs; we've had a decade of second-rate imitations. So while they deal in similarly garage-rock sounds with potentially similar musical ethics, their music is no reproduction. 'Loved Ones' comes with a more anthemic feel to it that then develops into a catchy chorus and feels quite solid. It makes for a noticeable lead-track in a musical landscape of guitar bands who are fairly indistinguishable. The opening chimes of 'Let It Rain' lead into a different rhythm entirely, with just a twist of ska to it. At its core it's another modern garage track though and again the songwriting is a step-up from previous recordings. 'Across The Skyline' flirts with electronics but soon turns into another stomping and ragged guitar tune. Crash Island aren't quite world-beaters yet, but they're on their way.

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