Wednesday 18 September 2013

SALM - Prophet 21

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If you like your abrasive but melodic electronica to come with some brutal violence then we have just the thing for you. This new single from French duo SALM (Something a La Mode) features a bloke inexplicably punching the living daylights out of someone in a club before running of with what seemed to be his girl. They have a fancy car to escape in, naturally. Then he stops to inexplicably kick the living shit out of another guy they find at the side of the road. In a final twist the pair of fights are acted out again with the girl as the sole culprit. Are they the same person? We can't figure it out, maybe you'll have more luck.

SALM are big news in France and increasingly in the wider electronica world, and with tracks this good it's not really a shock. Music fans who would normally steer clear of this variety of instrumental will probably find more to engage with here, as the pair incorporate a set of contrasts into the song without ever really attempting to crossover. It's full of melody, yet it's cutting at the same time. The harshness is balanced out by sections of softer, ambient sound that mingle in with everything around them. It's a solid as heck tune and one that deserves exposure outside of the confines of its genre.

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