Friday 20 September 2013

LIFE - I Wanna Forget

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If you are gonna call your band LIFE than you better have the sheer balls and songs to follow it up. With 'I Wanna Forget' it seems that LIFE have both, shed loads of them. For a band less than a year old, they hit us with an utterly irresistible, sunkissed blitzkrieg of a song. With perfectly sneered, bratty vocals and intoxicating whirl of guitar noise, instantly you just want to throw your shit away, and just pogo until either your legs fall off or the song finishes (thankfully it's the latter).

'I Wanna Forget' is buzzsaw pop in the true style of The Ramones, Television and Buzzcocks, mixed with the damned knowing coolness that made us fall in love with The Strokes all those years ago. And you know the best thing about it? I'm on at least my fifth play in the row, and the hit just keeps getting better and better. I want more LIFE in my life.

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Catch them live:

FRI 2OTH SEPTEMBER: Lock Tavern - Camden Town
THU 3rd OCTOBER: The Blue Lamp - Hull
WED 23RD OCTOBER: Power Lunches - Dalston - East London
FRI 13th DECEMBER: Birthdays - Dalston - East London w/ Black Wire

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