Saturday 28 September 2013

Fuzz - Fuzz album preview

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You could almost use Ty Segall's release schedule as a daily alarm clock. The man always has new material coming out, and it's rarely short of being excellent. Much of what we've heard from him and his collaborations in the past has been some form of garage-rock; either original style or something more modern. And everything in between. Rock's most prolific man is letting us know he's no one-trick pony though, by getting together with another couple of stellar musicians to form power trio Fuzz. What did garage eventually split in to? Punk and metal. It's the natural next step.

The idea behind the album 'Fuzz' was to create a proto-metal sound, perhaps taking inspiration from the proto-metal groups of the late '60s such as Cream, Blue Cheer and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. What did those bands have in common? They were all power trios. Listening to tracks like the expansive jam of 'Loose Sutres' and you can feel the force, you can hear the equipment buzzing as it's at breaking point. Fuzz are literal in their name and the noise they make recreates the magic sounds of bands like The MC5 before metal turned sour. Then look at shorter tracks like 'What's In My Head' and listen to it prowl around you. These guys know the size of it, and the record they've made is a beast that will shed new light on one of music's current guitar heroes.

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