Saturday 21 September 2013

Venera 4 - Deaf Heartbeats

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What a find this lot are turning out to be. New to Venera 4? A few vital statistics: they're a quartet from Paris who make shoegaze-infused indiepop tunes that will leave a lasting impression. As far as we know they really got going last year when they released a couple of singles, and then came to our attention in the summer with the free download 'Haunted Summer'. They're set to release new EP 'Deaf Hearts' on October 7th. 'Haunted Summer' will be on there along with another four tracks, including this new single.

'Deaf Heartbeats' doesn't need another listen so you can check if it really is that good: it actually really is that good. Building gently with some ambient sounds, the song bursts into life in a kaleidoscopic explosion of guitars and electronics and magic. The verses recall your favourite indiepop and shoegaze bands, and the chorus is a show-stopper. Spilling over with excess melody and the same sound explosion that gave it such a grand entrance, it somehow feels like a life-force pumping through your veins. An over the top description? Maybe to some, but others will get exactly what I'm talking about.

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