Sunday 22 September 2013

Sensual Harassment - Capri Suntan

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When you look back at old Cine Film clips of British summers they always look quaint, dated, and generally not very exotic. Pasty working-class folk enjoying an ice cream on Blackpool seafront while not really knowing what to wear a in such weather. It's a wonderful glimpse into bygone days when a seaside day out was a yearly highlight for many folk. When you look at similar footage filmed in locations such as California or Florida then it's a totally different experience. It all looks like second nature to the natives who spend most of their spare time either on sand or a surfboard.

It's vintage video like this (the US variety) that accompanies Sensual Harassment's track 'Capri Suntan'. They're a US duo, so why not take advantage of their past. The track is taken from their EP 'Escape From Alpha Draconis' which was released earlier this year and is still available free from the band's website. The sound fits nostalgic summer vibes too and nestles in nicely with the other bands who are making similarly lo-fi indiepop songs based around similar themes. This comes with a danger of getting lost in the crowd, but this track has already proved it has a little extra, even picking up some plays on major US TV shows, and it is pretty hard to dislike.

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