Thursday 26 September 2013

Jonathan Rado - Seven Horses

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So there are supposed to be four horsemen of the apocalypse, is seven horses (with seven being considered a lucky number) some kind anti-apocalyptic statement to all these YouTube fanatics who keep posting videos telling us the world is about to end? Perhaps Jonathan Rado is spreading some hope around the globe through the power of music. After all, his main band Foxygen called their album earlier this year 'We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic'. As Foxgen are a duo, it's difficult to know whether this solo venture is a side-project or not, but frankly, who cares?

This track is taken from his début solo album 'Law And Order' which was released earlier this month. Another title that suggests an anti-war/armageddon stance. So is this all hippyish peace and love? Nope. It's a fantastic tune though, almost drone-like in its mid-tempo and persistent beat. It feels as though the song is a powerful and dependable engine that Rado has built lyrics on and added some organ to. There are hints of psych, hints of shoegaze and hints of krautrock. But you don't really need to take a hint with this one. Upon first listen it should catch you probably never let you go again. Music like this is built to last.

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