Monday 16 September 2013

Private Life - Escalator

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When press releases take the words right out of your mouth: "Private Life are an excellent new indie-electronic band from Melbourne, Australia." How many times have we said similar? This year we've made much of Melbourne's teeming music scene, and electro-pop in particular. Private Life are another duo too, which makes them even more *now*. Yes they make indie-electro music, and new single 'Escalator' could be described as excellent, but only just. We'd probably have gone for "very good" ourselves, but we're not their press people.

You will have noticed the growing number of articles by us moaning about bands who are making piss-poor excuses of '80s synth-pop, simply because you can cobble that stuff together on a computer in your lunch break. 'Escalator' is nothing of the sort. This is a modern sounding track with modern sounding production. Human nature will naturally make you liken them to music you already know, and so comparisons to bygone bands won't be out of the question, but it seems Private Life are more interested in their own music than that of others.

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