Tuesday 24 September 2013

Morning Smoke – Live at The 100 Club, 20th September

Article by karla@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk
(Photography by Philip Nash)

The 100 Club (originally known as Feldman Swing Club), tucked away on Oxford Street, London, is one of those inconspicuous venues whose modest exterior is very easy to ignorantly amble past, unless you are aware of its existence in advance. Holding a renowned status in modern British history for having played host to live music since 1942, its inner walls have seen its fair share of legends come and go over the years, and on Friday we headed down to see two of the four acts on the Feedme Music FUTURE ROCK line up (Morning Smoke and Carousels and Limousines) add their own sonic imprints to the venues sound-shook walls.

Taking to the stage at 8:40, Brighton based four-piece Morning Smoke (Max Wright, Milo McNulty, Chris Shaw, Isaac Ide) proceeded to play an inspiring 7-track set that screamed out post-punk '80s revival with a contemporary indie twist. By integrating the startlingly gloomy atmospherics resembling Joy Division, and Echoe & The Bunneymen, (or more current Interpol, Editors) and the sounds of noise-pop acts of a similar stem to Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, these guys are a seriously strong, fresh, force to be reckoned with. With a very unique image, their stage presence is strong yet unintrusive with limited interaction with the audience or with one another.

This however, is a million miles away from pretension, arrogance or a youthful cockiness. These guys enthral with their music with no need for witty interjections or attempts at selling themselves. There is a shy awkwardness about the way singer and guitarist Milo McNulty performs throughout the set; an absolutely manic impulsiveness about their extremely talented drummer Isaac Ide, and a very much existing-in-their-own-world vibe that comes from both the bass/keyboard player and the electric guitarist which you leaves you mystically wondering where to look or who is more absorbed in the music. Should these guy perform up tempo, low tempo, melancholy, or noise-driven, each song remains penetrable, imploring, energetic, and indispensable. Morning Smoke are an astonishingly talented band who exceed all expectations.

Set List:
Plastic girl
Blue ribbons
Black honey
In euphoria

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