Monday 30 September 2013

Aaron Schroeder‏ - Young Actress

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You know those days when you start going through submissions only to discard one record after another because it's yet more '80s synth-pop that's a faint facsimile of the bands it's trying to be, and the singer thinks he's Phil Oakey? Today's been one of those days. Not only have these people missed the boat, but just because 'Don't You Want Me?' is a karaoke favourite it doesn't mean that people actually want you to release your own version of pretty well the same thing as a single. When the opening seconds of 'Young Actress' began we feared that LA artist Aaron Schroeder was yet another one of those.

So the first thing to say is thank you Aaron Schroeder. His track 'Young Actress' is nothing of the sort, it merely begins with some synths providing an almost choral backing and a vocal that bears a slight similarity but once you hear more you realise is all his own. From his new album 'Curses', this is a wonderful indie/pop song that incorporates many genres (including electro-pop) but is mainly based around a guitar. This is a full sound too, as though a wall of music was the goal, and as though sweet melodies were always a big part of the plan. 'Young Actress' is a great showcase for this man's talent, and 'Curses' could well be a little hidden gem for you to seek out.

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