Monday 16 September 2013

Fine Times - Bright Lights

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The release of this single from Fine Times is almost as much about the video as the song. It's been almost a year to the day since we last featured them with their excellent single 'Hey Judas', and in fact 'Bright Lights' is from the very same EP, but it's been given a Hollywood makeover. The promo for this is more like an excerpt from a feature film than a general music vid, but the plot is condensed down into just a few minutes and is easy to follow yet a bit perplexing at the same time. Both members of the band make cameos as part of the firing squad.

As a song, 'Bright Lights' doesn't have the same grandeur as 'Hey Judas', but it's still a triumph. For the most part, we're talking reasonably straightforward indie-rock done to a very competent standard, but Fine Times didn't seem like a band to settle for normal when they can do better, so as the track progresses we're treated to more electronics joining the fray, and they're not just for show. It's this attention to detail that gives the tune an added depth and means that Fine Times are above the norm as band.

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