Thursday 26 September 2013

Zoo Zero - Fraktion/Show Me Your Flag

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With this psych revival not looking like slowing any time soon, everyone wants a piece of the sonic pie. There's a fair chance of Zoo Zero achieving cult status before long. The mainstream press have thus far largely avoided (or simply not heard of) them, but the launch gig for their self-titled début album next week will see them accompanied by Wire and It Hugs Back side-project Slows and a DJ set from Sonic Cathedral, and their involvement can usually be counted as a mark of approval. The two singles from the album so far show different sides to the band, so it could be an eclectic set.

Firstly there album opener 'Fraktion', and however much you try to skirt around mentioning it, any review will eventually succumb to acknowledging that this is a modern krautrock tune. The two genres have gone hand-in-hand for years and rarely as closely as this. While were on the overused descriptive terms we should give a shout to both The Jesus & Mary Chain and Wooden Shjips on this one. There are different sounds on 'Show me Your Flag' (which is also less than half the length) and actually sounds more like some fuzzy alt-rock masquerading as psychedelia. There are more vocals, less repetitiveness and what far more closely resembles something your average man in the street might describe as a "song". It's the former that's best, but both are good tunes and set things up nicely for the full-length.

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Zoo Zero's website

'Zoo Zero' is out on September 30th from Bandcamp

Catch them live:

Zoo Zero's album launch party
Tues, Oct 1, The Victoria, London, UK

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