Tuesday 24 September 2013

Carousels & Limousines - Live at The 100 Club, 20th September

Article by karla@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk
(Photography by Philip Nash)

The 100 Club (originally known as Feldman Swing Club), tucked away on Oxford Street, London, is one of those inconspicuous venues whose modest exterior is very easy to ignorantly amble past, unless you are aware of its existence in advance. Holding a renowned status in modern British history for having played host to live music since 1942, its inner walls have seen its fair share of legends come and go over the years, and on Friday we headed down to see two of the four acts on the Feedme Music FUTURE ROCK line up (Morning Smoke and headliners Carousels & Limousines) add their own sonic imprints to the venues sound-shook walls.

When overwhelmingly talented Bath based four-piece Carousels & Limousines (with a fifth member on keys for the night) stepped onto the stage at 10:10 spirits were pretty high and the guys saw themselves performing and 9-track set to a lively and seemingly quite sozzled crowd! The excitement and the great atmosphere in the crowd was by no means overrated considering Carousels & Limousines took this opportunity to confidently share five new brilliant tracks that were voraciously lapped up by everyone in the venue that night, who were shouting along lyrics to songs they had only just heard. An example of this slightly raucous behaviour was when someone (I'll take bets on a friend of the band) shouted "play '17's'!" and the lead singer replied in a mock voice that I can only describe as some sort of South Park moment, "We've already played that one, asshole!"

However, not only are they great at interacting with their crowd, Carousels & Limousines make catchy, vintage rock and roll music that's fun, fierce, sexy and full of soul. They have great chemistry on stage and play off of each other in a cheerful, good-natured way that I haven't actually seen from a band in a very long time. I turned up to watch the show unfamiliar with Carousels & Limousines and this initial disadvantage turned out to be a bit of a saviour, for I found love at first listen. In parts this is largely down to how shocked I was by the similarity in sound these guys have to one of my favourite bands, The Gaslight Anthem. What Carousels & Limousines do live is something really special. They make you feel like you've come home, they play their instruments like they were born holding them and with a slightly American rock/country sound that takes you back to the roots of  '60s/'70s guitar-based rock music with a refreshing 21st century insight.

Set List:
Passengers To Hell
Born Again Sharks
Greasy Hands
Red Heels/ Master Of My Plan
Country Soul

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