Friday 27 September 2013

Seekae - Another

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This new single from Australian trio Seekae is powerful enough without what comes next. The dubby, trip-hop style of the song is slowed so that the beats really grip you and the vocals convey an extra dose of passion. 'Another' sounds as though it's about a relationship break-up, with its refrain of "I want another girl", but it's pain from all parties involved, not just the one left behind. The experience really shows as the electronic soundscape builds into something that's quite cinematic and likely to break through to even the hardest of hearts.

The video is equally cinematic and was filmed on location in a run-down part of La Paz in Bolivia. A deadbeat-looking guy is met by a group of younger men. They make him seem welcome although it's not clear (but unlikely) they knew him before. Soom warm embraces are taking place and the group heads to an even more run-down area where they ply the man with spirits, chew what could be coca leaves (from which cocaine is derived) until the man is paralytic. He's hen forced to drink more, possibly even poisoned, until he collapses. At this point the group drag his corpse to a pit and bury him in a shallow grave. Powerful stuff indeed.

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