Tuesday 24 September 2013

Best Coast - I Don't Know How

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

When we first heard those scratchy, DIY recordings that Best Coast put online in 2009 we never expected them to become as successful as they are in the world of alternative music. They've gone from (very) lo-fi cult band that interested a few bloggers to being very big news. Their two albums have attracted praise and an increasing fanbase, and next month they release a seven-track EP (seven tracks counts as a mini-album in my book, but who cares...) called 'Fade Away' and if this first single is a barometer of their current sound then it should be a roaring success.

Much like those incredibly demo-like first Dum Dum Girls recordings, Best Coast have transformed themselves into a classic indie/pop/punk group with the sweetest of melodies, a touch of doo-wop and songs that would make anyone proud. Blondie are probably listening to this and wishing they could still write non-commercial pop like this and reclaim their position as stars of both mainstream and underground. Best Coast, on this form at least, seem to be riding on the crest of a wave and simply getting better and better.

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Oct 30 Hong Kong, Hangout
Nov 2 Singapore, Camp Symmetry

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