Thursday 26 September 2013

Hares - Just A Picture

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During the great "landfill indie" scene of the middle of the last decade, The Holloways did quite well, gaining a certain degree of success, but ultimately they were never good enough to last and remained a second division side. Rob Skipper has continued his musical ventures though, forming a new band and collaborating with other artists on the alternative/guitar scene. His latest group are Hares and released a début EP last year. Touring with The Pigeon Detectives won't have done their landfill indie credentials much good, but maybe new three-track single 'Just A Picture' can alter a few perceptions.

In all honestly, the title-track is pretty good; it's a well-written track and doesn't follow formula too much. It's far from being a classic but in its own way it has some charm and individuality, and this combined with a pop edge makes for a decent listen. It could be that B-side 'Inkblots and Papercuts' betters it, although neither are radio hits like the ubiquitous 'Generator', but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It has a classic sound that shows Skipper can pen a good tune and has partial glimpses of Bolan, Costello and Paul Simon, plus a nod to The Crystals will always go down well round here. Oddly, the most obvious single choice of these three tracks is third offering 'Your Kind Of Guy', an upbeat indie-rock tune with a sprinkling of glam. It might all be topsy-turvy but this is a good package.

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