Thursday 19 September 2013

Band To Check Out: Bold Things

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As four friends from Ireland, Bold Things have been making music together for quite some time, and it seems they've chosen this year to try their hand at putting some of their songs out into the big wide world and see if anyone bites. Well they've reeled in one catch. Listening to the two songs, both from this year, that we've had submitted we can tell you that they don't struggle in the writing department, and their approach to recording gives them an advantage over many bands, purely because it creates a sound that isn't quite like anyone else. This may come at the cost of excessive commercial success, as these are not mainstream tracks, but they may just be a showcase of the current state of play as the band move forward.

Recorded in bedrooms, bathroom, balconies and so on in London, the band are obviously looking for different acoustics, trying to breath new life into the ageing alt-rock scene. With the strange effects that alter the vocals in particular, 'Keep Together' is a very interesting track that belongs in some kind of twilight world. It's spooky and doesn't quite seem real. 'Hearts Ajar' offers some eye candy in its video and also tries to take familiar sounds and alter them slightly to give more individuality. This effect is lesser on this song, but the music itself is of the same standard. It's always exciting finding bands that have talent and are deliberately trying to test new ground, as it's so rare to find new things to do if you're essentially a traditional guitar band. Bold Things deserve some kudos for doing so, and we look forward to what they discover next.

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Catch them live:

21st Sept The Sebright Arms, London

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