Thursday 26 September 2013

MyLyricalMind - Promises

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Unless you're one of the growing number of fans that are signed up to MyLyricalMind's social media and so on, here's our Graeme with a quick reminder. MyLyricalMind is Matt Wood, an artist from Manchester who's in his early twenties. Earlier this year we featured his single 'Drop Me A Line' which was a quite nice dreamy folk-pop song. As singer-songwriters go, this one had potential. For his new single 'Promises', Matt informs us that he's taking a slightly different direction. The operative word in that statement is "slightly", as this is hardly a wild deviation from what we last heard, but there are changes. Dotted along the SoundCloud stream are a handful of comments which pop up as the song progresses. One of these (from "sableofficial") simply says "this is really good!". It's worth noting that at that exact moment I was thinking the very same thing.

What of this new direction then? Well, we can probably assume the song started life as a man and his acoustic, but the folk aspect we heard before is less apparent. Instead there's more electric guitar and a much fuller production, both of which take the song to a different level. It's pretty obvious that MyLyricalMind is looking to craft something more epic this time around, and with choruses like this he's made it look easy. 'Promises' is simply bigger and better; it sounds like an artist who's had six months in which to develop his sound to the next stage, which is exactly what has happened. One personal note which he may or may not choose to ignore, is that if the production and that quest for sonic vastness stretches too much further he runs the risk of turning into major label stadium sanitisation. But for now he's got it spot on.

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Sep 26 The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester, UK
Sep 28 Salford Music Festival (The black lion), Manchester, UK
Sep 30 Retro Bar (Single Launch), Manchester, UK
Oct 06 Oxjam Manchester, Manchester, UK
Oct 15 Nexus art cafe (Supporting Ben Montague) All ages gig, Manchester, UK
Oct 18 Oxjam Macclesfield (The old millstone), Macclesfield, UK
Oct 27 Oxjam Festival Leeds, Leeds, UK

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