Sunday 29 September 2013

Dead Wolf Club - Healer EP

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We've had our beady little eyes on Tintagel-bred alt-rockers Dead Wolf Club for some time now. They may spend much of their time in London these days, as needs must, but we'll always mention their hometown as they must be proud of their heritage, and the locals proud of them. Plus as a south-westerner myself it's nice to talk about places closer to home. It should also be noted that some of the band live in Prague, so they're spread around. Their second album 'RAR' was a politically-minded record that spoke about many current problems, not least capitalism. With two albums under their belt, they caught the ear of Big Tea Records, and 'Healer' is the band's first release on their new home.

Opener 'Flood' finds them as angry and abrasive as ever, with angst spilling from every line and every chord, but the band have also had time to develop, and this EP shows more diversity and possibly better writing too (ultimately time will be the judge of that). 'Metropolis' is softer in places, but bile is spat in that chorus. It's a little difficult to decipher but we're not betting against this being another statement about current affairs. They have their finger on the pulse. A surprise highlight comes in 'Melt', and it's a surprise because the near monotone vocals recall The Longcut minus the dance direction; something you may not expect to work. Grungy guitars are given a good run out too as the song changes, avoiding any writing formulas. Dead Wolf Club have enough ideas not to need that approach. Lastly, '17', is a rarely found point between grunge and indiepop. Yes, those two genres have been mixed before, but not quite like this. Big Tea Records have got themselves a decent act.

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OCTOBER 3rd – House Of Wolf, Islington, London – LAUNCH PARTY!
OCTOBER 4th – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

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