Wednesday 18 September 2013

Scarlet Chives - Some Days Stay

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With the video to their previous single 'The Timber Will Fall' being censured on some sites duo to violence, nudity and strange rituals, perhaps we should've expected that follow-up single Some Days Stay treads similarly risqué lines with a tale of lesbian love involving nudity. There's not the shock value with the new single but it should still be marked as "NSFW" if you happen to be having a sneaky look around the web during your tea break. From what we can tell, the band are Danish but recorded their second album in a remote part of northern Sweden and are releasing it on Norwegian label Riot Factory.

That album, 'This Is Protection', is just days away from release and looks set to be a sublime journey through many forms of dreampop and shoegaze. 'Some Days Stay' is perhaps one of the softer songs but it's utterly lovely. The band have mastered the skill of crafting sounds such as this without simply reverting to the easy trick of throwing loads of distorted guitars at songs. Here it's the choppy beat and bassline that propel the song, with the soft, swooshes of guitar and possibly synth creating that misty effect and filling out the sound. The vocals sound fantastic too. Definitely an album worth investigating.

SCARLET CHIVES // Some Days Stay from Riot Factory on Vimeo.

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Thurs, Oct 3, Hulen, Bergen, Hordaland
Fri, Oct 4, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
Sat, Oct 5, BLÅ, Oslo, Norway
Thurs, Oct 10, Dama di, Bodø, Norway
Fri, Oct 11, Rock City Namsos, Namsos
Sat, Octr 12, UKA, Trondheim, Norway
Thurs, Oct 17, Spillestedet Stengade, København, Copenhagen
Fri, Oct 18, Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark
Sat, Oct 19, Radar, Aarhus, Denmark
Sun, Oct 20, Huset Esbjerg,Esbjerg, Denmark
Thurs, Oct 24, Posten, Odense, Denmark

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