Thursday 26 September 2013

Eyes For Gertrude - Rag and Bone

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Despite its relatively small size, the town of Rugby is much better known than other places with a similar population and its name is forever stamped in history, as from this unassuming English hamlet Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized were born. Until then the only thing of note about the place was that they seemed unable to grasp the rules of football. A scene and various spin-off bands was formed from Spacemen 3, and Eyes For Gertrude are not one of them. They are though, possibly the only band of note to have connections to Rugby of recent years (please correct me in the comments section below!) and release 'Rag and Bone' as their début single.

The track was initially snuck out in January but is now being given a proper push at a more suitable time of year. There's an autumnal feel to both the song and the rather odd video, and the style seems more fitting too, as 'Rag and Bone' is a curious amalgamation of traditional British sounds and traditional American sounds. If they told you they were from Tennessee you'd probably believe them. If you're wincing at the thought of more folk/Americana then rest assured that this song is both fun, upbeat and generally an all-round great listen. The strings towards the end give an unexpected twist and may be something that Eyes For Gertrude may wish to pursue more in the future. This beats men with odd-shaped balls any day.

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