Friday 27 September 2013

Candy Says - Kiss Kill

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Taking a quick look at the evidence presented to us, it was briefly a case of judging a book by its cover. A band called Candy Says with a single called 'Kiss Kill'? Released on cassette? Needless to say, the "C", "8" and "6" keys were primed and ready for action (which is lucky really, since they've just been used), but giving the song a spin, the old adage about books and covers rings true again. This is a song that could fall under the indie/pop banner, and you could maybe go as far as to call it a modern update of the DIY indie sounds of the 1980s; it originates from the same sources.

There are elements of girl-groups and jangly guitar bands to be found here, but they're shoved through a modern filter so that they're not recognisable as the indiepop you may have expected. Is that even a sly use of Auto-Tune there? Whatever, the production is very modern and the song is far from being fey or twee. It's a stomping alt-pop attack that's as close to Crystal Castles as to The Shop Assistants, but it's easy to listen to still, at least to those who are familiar with modern pop and not stuck in a time warp. No prisoners are taken and no edges are gently sanded down. 'Kiss Kill' is a bit of an aural assault.

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Oct 19 Oxford Gathering Festival, Oxford, UK
Oct 23 The Lexington, London, UK
Oct 24 Trof, Fallowfield, Manchester, UK
Oct 25 Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, UK

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