Monday 16 September 2013

Heliotropes - Everyone Else

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This will be one of the very best songs you'll have heard today, if not for the past week or two. Heliotropes are based in Brooklyn but their members hail from various places across the US. It's fitting that we're featuring this song on the same day as Mazzy Star stream their new album online, comparisons are perhaps inevitable. The two bands are by no means identical, and 'Everyone Else' doesn't possess the same sadness that much of Mazzy Star's work does, nor it it as cocooned in fuzz and dreampop effects, but it's made from similar material.

At this current point in time it takes a lot to make a song that's built around an acoustic guitar sound exciting in any way. Overkill is long gone. However, if you have voices like these ladies, and you have some sound effects that are borrowed from shoegaze and space-rock as well as the occasional drawn-out twang of an electric guitar then you can produce alchemy and turn lead into gold. That said, such is the quality of this track, that even if Heliotropes had released it as a simple acoustic piece it may well be enchanting anyway. Beautiful.

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Oct 09 Various Venues in LA, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 10 Various Venues in LA, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 11 Love The Captive House Show, Fresno, CA

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