Friday 27 September 2013

Town of Saints - Carousel

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Do you like music that's really really twinkly? If the answer is yes then this new single from Town Of Saints will probably get your stamp of approval. The band rely heavily on live shows, cramming as many into each year as possible. With songs like 'Carousel', taken from their new album 'Something To Fight With', it's no wonder. This sort of stuff will go down well with a crowd, so perhaps the video featuring festival performances is just perfect to watch whilst giving the tune a spin. It may also bring back some memories of those summer festivals that have just ended.

Many bands who rely heavily on the festival circuit can have a bit in common with The Levellers, or more recently Mumford and Sons. So while 'Carousel' is part indiepop it does bring out the fiddles and starts to stray into the well-worn festival cliché style at times. Perfect for a family slot in the afternoon. The Dutch/Finnish collective don't quite go that far though, and while they may do better by totally avoiding what the crusty masses lap up, it doesn't really do too much harm as the song is good. Plus it's full of twinkles, and twinkles are great, right?

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Catch them live:

Oct 03 Plato (instore), Groningen, Netherlands  
Oct 04 Velvet (instore), Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct 04 Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct 05  Krulpop, Limbricht, Netherlands
Oct 10 Hörsaal, Hamburg, Germany  
Oct 11 Het Vliegende Paard, Zwolle, Netherlands
Oct 12 Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
Oct 13 Cambrinus, Horst, Netherlands
Oct 15 Red Shoe Sessions, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Oct 17 Cafe Miles, Amersfoort, Netherlands  
Oct 18 De Oude Rechtbank, Eindhoven, Netherlands  
Oct 19 Bunker, Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Oct 20 Roots In The Woods, Apeldoorn, Netherlands  
Oct 20 Raspberry Sessions, Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct 21 Living-room concert, Hengelo, Netherlands  
Oct 22 Living-room concert, Hilversum, Netherlands  
Oct 23 Living-room concert, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 24 Poppodium Romein, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Oct 26 Velvet (instore), Breda, Netherlands  
Oct 26 MEZZ, Breda, Netherlands
Oct 27 Living-room concert, Hengelo, Netherlands  
Oct 28 Living-room concert, Haarlem, Netherlands  
Oct 30 Living-room concert, Castenray, Netherlands  
Oct 31 Poppodium Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, Netherlands
Nov 01 Kerk Feerwerd, Feerwerd, Netherlands  
Nov 02 Kerk Breede, Breede, Netherlands  
Nov 08 Tunkelon Isotalo, Orivesi, Finland  
Nov 09 Sysmän kirkko, Sysma, Finland  
Nov 10 Petäjäveden kirkko, Petajavesi, Finland  
Nov 15 75 Beat, Milan, Italy  
Nov 16 La Mela di Newton, Padua, Italy  
Nov 19 Teatro Delle Commedie, Leghorn, Italy  
Nov 20 Viniles, San Benedetto Del Tronto Ap, Italy  
Nov 21 Nuove Officine Generali, Cassino, Italy  
Nov 22 Sanacore, Ariano Irpino, Italy  
Nov 23 Fat, Terni, Italy
Nov 24 Sottoscala 9, Latina, Italy  
Nov 26 Fanfulla 101, Rome, Italy  
Nov 27 La Salumeria Del Rock, Arceto, Italy  
Nov 28 Twiggy, Varese, Italy  
Nov 29 Esperia, Turin, Italy

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