Wednesday 18 September 2013

Blaenavon - Prague

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Time. It can do your head in. Events that seem like they were just a few months ago suddenly turn out to be much older. Upon listening to this new single from Brighton's Blaenavon it seemed impressive just how much they'd grown in stature in the past year or so. Then we find it was January 2012 that we mentioned them with a demo track that we posted, and the young band had only been together a few months by that point. Single 'Into The Night'/'Denim Patches' was way back in January this year, and looking at that review again we said much the same then.

This is good news for Blaenavon. It's still only two years since they formed, but they're still, rightly, considered a new band and one that stick in the mind. Sometimes you can hear the new single by a band who you only covered a couple of months back and already find they'd slipped from memory. 'Prague' is a towering alt-rock track that rubs shoulders with Frightened Rabbit on one side and Wild Beasts on the other. They have a sound that's both familiar and individual at the same time. With songs of this variety it does take time for them to worm their way properly into your consciousness and show you just how impressive they are, so with their amazing time-altering qualities this lot have the right attributes to go the distance. They could be huge.

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