Saturday 21 September 2013

Cantaloupe - Splish/Wet Dog

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All these genres being spliced together all the time... I wonder how long it'll be before she cannae take any more, Captain? Quick quote time: "Drawing influences from afro-pop to krautrock to the avant garde". That's what Nottingham instrumental trio Cantaloupe are all about, and the two tracks on this single fit the bill, although if you have an aversion to afro-pop for any reason, then rest assured that plays a very small part in the music they've given us here. Built from drums, synth, guitar and bass, Cantaloupe sound retro in a way. You can imagine finding these tunes hiding on some long-lost record by some oddball experimentalists, but then they'll throw in a sound that couldn't have worked back then, just to keep you on your toes.

'Splish' is the main focus here (and you also get a tasty Wax Stag remix), and it's something akin to Holy Fuck and That Fucking Tank teaming up with their less potty-mouthed '70s counterparts such as Brian Eno or Amon Düül II. The beats clatter and jump about rather than follow any motorik pattern, but the song is something of an epic and synth melodies take up large chunks of the track. It's a journey that's not a difficult listen but is hardly a big pop hit, although more adventurous ears will love it, especially as it nears the end and the melodies become a bit sweeter. It could be 'Wet Dog' that provides more instant gratification, with a driving beat and synths that dive straight in at the deep end. It's a bit like the sound of a classic computer game as remixed by Jean Michel Jarre and also doesn't scrimp on the melody. With a few twists and turns included it makes for a very good and quite unique package.

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