Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Five For Free #215

HUSH! - Cruel

With almost frightening accuracy, we first posted about HUSH! a year tomorrow and on the strength one one song, the south-west trio made our Sound Of 2013 list. Some inclusions have fulfilled their promise, but it was still early doors for HUSH!. If we were worried we'd misplaced our faith then they've just proved to us that they are in fact flipping brilliant with this new tune, 'Cruel'.

HUSH!'s website

Buy the single

Dog In The Snow - Fire In The Sky

Brighton comes up with the goods yet again. Dog In The Snow is the alias of Helen Ganya Brown (who has a little help from Marie-Eve de Gaultier) and this is her new single, 'Fire In The Sky'. It's an experimental alt-pop track that recalls the finest innovative sounds that have been crossing the North Sea these past few years. One to file alongside Niki & The Dove, Lykke Li etc.

Dog In The Snow's website

Catch her live:

WED 02 OCT Prince Albert, Brighton, UK
SAT 23 NOV Brighton Dome Studio Theater, Brighton, UK

Velveteen - All My Friends Are Aliens

Despite an extensive web presence, there's very little info to be had about London trio Velveteen, but we've heard a couple of their songs and, to put it mildly, they're very good. Get yourself the free download of 'All My Friends Are Aliens' below and bask in its mixture of shoegaze, powerpop, fuzz-rock and quality melodies. Then press repeat.

Download 'All My Friends Are Alien' by heading here

Velveteen's website

Catch them live:

Sep 28 Trinity Centre, Bristol, UK

The Swapsies - Another Game On Saturday

This is indiepop in the truest sense of the word, it's indiepop as it's been for thirty years and counting. Liverpool quartet The Swapsies are simply recreating the sounds they love, and yes, you have every right to call this song twee, because that's exactly what it is. 'Another Game On Saturday' documents the pitfalls and otherwise of supporting a football team.

The Swapsies' website

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Urban Prophecies - We Felt The Earth Move

"Catchy Poppy Rocky YEAH!!". Right that's our job done by the band themselves. A perfect description of the song, so let's tell you a little about Urban Prophecies instead. Firstly, don't believe anything written on their Facebook page as it's a pack of lies. Check the website below instead. The band have been around since 2002 in various forms and are sounding as good as ever on 'We Felt The Earth Move'.

Urban Prophecies' website

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