Monday, 2 September 2013

ARMS - Comfort

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Since 2006, Todd Goldstein's ARMS project have been merrily going about their business is a somewhat unassuming way. This was partly down to his commitments as guitarist in Harlem Shakes, but with that band now dissolved, a little more concentration can be put to ARMS, a band who really should be enjoying more success. What tends to happen when you mention them to a fellow music fan with similar tastes is that they'll know of the band, possibly even have heard their music, but ask them to name some songs and they'll struggle. The time is now right for the Brooklyn group to step up to the next level. There are no obstacles.

The title 'EP 2' might be a little misleading, suggesting they're at an early stage in their career. ARMS already have two albums and a handful of singles to their name, but this will indeed be their second EP. The first track unveiled from this release (out next week) was 'Comfort', a fairly typical indie-rock song, well, in style at least. In quality it's above "fairly typical" and shows ARMS pushing themselves to create a solid and well-made song that has the potential to surpass previous material (some of which has been a bit patchy). They can count this as a victory. It's an onslaught of melodic guitars and perfect production that any band dealing in this genre would rightly be proud of. ARMS may make that long awaited step-up sooner than we thought.

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