Monday 1 October 2012

Out This Week - 1st October 2012

The Soft Pack - Tallboy

There was suggestion by some that San Diego band The Soft Pack's debut album didn't quite live up to the hype. Nevertheless it was a solid offering with a couple of standout tracks, and now, two and a half years on, they release follow-up 'Strapped'. From it is 'Tallboy', a track that continues to show their love of 60s garage and psych bands. Be warned, this is a proper grower too.

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Jessica Bailiff - Your Ghost Is Not Enough

'At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky' is the rather lengthy title of the new album by Ohio dreampop songstress Jessica Bailiff and it marks her first proper studio release since 2006. Free track 'Your Ghost Is Not Enough' is shrouded in ethereal effects and sighing vocals and calmly drifts by as a gentle drone. It's the kind of song that may make you swoon just a little.

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Unnatural Helpers - Toil

A former Sub Pop band from Seattle creating a sludgy, feedback speckled blast of distorted punk rock? It's enough to take you back twenty years. Unnatural Helpers are led by Dean Whitmore who, with the aid of his three bandmates, is keeping the grunge flag flying, and doing so in stellar fashion with new album 'Land Grab'. Check out free track 'Toil'.

Free download: 'Toil'

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Tim Burgess - A Case For Vinyl

Erstwhile Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess drops his second solo album (nine years after his first) 'Oh No I Love You' this week and if you're expecting organs or baggy grooves you'll need to look elsewhere. However, should you cast an ear upon tracks such as 'A Case For Vinyl' you'll be pleasantly surprised. This six-minute gem is a thing of rare beauty and fragility.

Free download: 'A Case For Vinyl'
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Moon Duo - Sleepwalker

Ripley Johnson's Moon Duo have generally continued the psychedelic leanings of his other band Wooden Shjips, but rarely have they come as close in sound as on this track. The awesome drone of 'Sleepwalker' is a repetitive and melodic swirling monster that stands up as one of the very best songs crafted by either of his bands and it's quite possibly the most accessible he's ever made too. If you're not well versed in Moon Duo or Wooden Shjips' work, let 'Sleepwalker' act as your gateway into their kaleidoscopic world.

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