Sunday 14 October 2012

Crash & The 'Coots - John Coles Park EP

EP review by KevW

As a south-westerner I know all too well that this region of the UK has been punching well below its weight throughout pretty much the entire history of popular music. You can name the odd band or artist who have broken though, but they're few and far between when compared to the rest of the country. It's only really Bristol, which is only at the gateway to the region, that has any kind of legacy. Part of this is down to the music press gravitating around other areas and part of this is down to the the south-west's naturally insular stance. So it's always great to hear a band from down here who aren't peddling the same boring hardcore punk or acoustic singer-songwriter nonsense that's blighted creativity and seen so may move further afield to progress their careers.

Crash & The 'Coots debut cassette won't change the world and it's not perfect, but it does show huge potential from a band who've only been together for around a year. The eclectic indie/pop of 'Emily (Hehe)' is joyously energetic and full of strange sounds and instrumentation, it shows a great willingness to explore the way songs can be created and recorded. There's enough there to spark an interest from further afield. Both 'Don't Have Any Legs' and 'Brian Fury Wins!' display similar characteristics without being quite as strong, they're very good but not quite the finished article. What's interesting about Crash & The 'Coots is that at this early stage they're already showing signs of genuine innovation and identity, watching how they develop over the next couple of years could be very exciting.

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