Wednesday 31 October 2012

Dora Brilliant - Real Bombing

EP review by KevW

There are many interesting things to mention about Londoners Dora Brilliant. They're named after a Russian spy who was also a nightclub singer, they once shared a stage with Chas from Chas & Dave (but not Dave), they don't practice much because they don't want to sound over-rehearsed, plus it saves money that way. But it's our job to tell you about the music, so lets have a look at latest release 'Real Bombing', seven tracks, each of which has a story. Their style doesn't vary a great deal throughout, but as it's jumpy and catchy angular post-punk this doesn't really matter. It's a riotous little record the feels like it's eaten too many Smarties and is in the midst of an uncontrollable rush of e-numbers and sugar. It's spectacularly boundless in its energy. And according to the press release each song has an unusual subject matter, although they don't list them in the correct order so we'll take a guess.

The second Earl Of Essex ('Elizabeth and Essex'), when molluscs attack ('The Limpet'), your brainstem ('The Unknown Quantity Show'), corruption of the flesh ('Everyone's Getting Me Off'), when you can't touch ('Talk It Up'), acting is hardest ('Scale Of One To Ten') and the last refuge for sound investments ('Retreat To The Border'). Whether we've got the right we don't know and I guess it doesn't matter, it just helps to illustrate that Dora Brilliant are a slightly balmy band with plenty of ideas to fuel their jittering guitar-powered indie/pop/punk tunes. Don't confuse their oddball nature for disposable, novelty music though, 'Real Bombing' is a tidy and entertaining listen full of good tunes. And for the record they sound perfectly rehearsed, so their current schedule appears to be bang on.

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