Thursday 11 October 2012

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Single review by KevW

So the first half of 2012 had the world proclaiming the psych-rock genius on Pond's 'Beard, Wives, Denim' album, and all of a sudden they were no longer just another band featuring some members of Tame Impala, they looked set to overtake their previously more acclaimed other band as they carved their own notch in psychedelia's gnarled bedpost. It would take something pretty special for Tame Impala to swing attention back their way (although with three members being a part of both bands, one-upmanship is unlikely). Having put forward a strong case for being the modern day kings of the genre with 2010's 'Innerspeaker', there was every chance that their next offering would indeed be quite special. As you'll no doubt be aware by now, 'Lonerism' didn't disappoint and we can expect both albums to be doing battle come end-of-year list time.

Yes, 'Lonerism' was another masterclass in acid-fried, stoner grooves; a heady and kaleidoscopic rock soup with highlights wherever you looked. It must be something in the water down there, or maybe a potent mix of sunshine and weed provides the perfect breeding ground for dazzling, spaced-out jams. Whatever the secret, Australian psych-rock has become one of the defining sounds of recent months. If you're yet to sample its vibrant, soaring, ethereal loveliness then Tame Impala's new single is the perfect starting point. 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' is a mix of lots that you've heard before, done in a way that you probably haven't. It draws heavily on the late 60s for sure, but it also sounds thoroughly modern and cocks a snook to other space cadets who rely too heavily on imitating the past. We've got Tame Impala winning by a nose.

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