Saturday 13 October 2012

Incan Abraham - Springhouse

Single review by KevW

According to their website biography, Incan Abraham are something of a coming together of loose ends; musicians who've floated around in various outfits before meeting in upstate New York to being bouncing ideas off each other. A couple of years, a few EPs and a relocation to Los Angeles later, the quartet are set to release a new 10" single next month. 'Springhouse' is an incredibly Zeitgeist defining song, it seems to represent many different aspects and scenes that have come to prominence in the alternative music world these past few years. They've been compared to Grizzly Bear, the experimental nature of their sound also has a hint of Animal Collective. You can hear chillwave, dreampop and the flavours of the indie hotspots that have sprung up in places like Brooklyn and Portland. It's a trans-genre sound that gathers together pieces from here and there, maybe reflecting the formation of the band themselves.

With its floaty electronics, ringing guitars and stuttering drum pattern, the title-track perhaps best defines this very modern blend. It's colourful and experimental, poppy and edgy and bound to become a big hit around the blogs. Naturally it's given the remix treatment with a drawn-out ambient take from Wyatt Penn Keusch which is nice enough but inessential. The reason you really should invest in a copy of the single when it arrives is second track 'Panama Dry'. This is the song that should be given centre stage. It's a swirling alt-pop  treasure with a slightly tropical flavour and is much more potent than the lead track, taking those rumbling drums and adding some euphoric harmonies and a great big hunk of melody. 'Springhouse' is a fine song, no doubt, but the more vibrant 'Panama Dry' could be the one that breaks them.

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