Wednesday 31 October 2012

Five For Free #127

JUBA - Bloodvessels

We don't feature many bands from Portugal and I'm not exactly sure why. There may be a history of dodgy metal acts associated with the country but if there are more bands of the calibre of JUBA (or the Discotexas label's roster, see below) then maybe it's time to cast aspersions aside and investigate further. 'Bloodvessels' is a terrific and lively piece of post-punk that's bristling with energy.

JUBA's website

Dead Can Dance - Opium

It's been over 30 years since Australian genre-mashers Dead Can Dance first started putting their innovative ideas onto tape and moved to the UK where they laid down a legacy that inspired many. Since the late 80s the band has been sporadic in its activity, but the latest reformation/incarnation have been touring new album 'Anastasis' far and wide. Grab new single 'Opium' below.

Dead Can Dance's website

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Moullinex - Take My Pain Away

The Discotexas label has also been helping open our eyes to some top tunes from Lisbon and beyond, and their latest release is the debut album from Moullinex who splits his time between the Portuguese capital and Munich. The album is titled 'FLORA' and is full of quality electronica like 'Take My Pain Away' that you can safely party to without the merest whiff of cheese.

To download 'Take My Pain Away' for free head here

Moullinex's website

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Squalloscope - Z-E-P-H-Y-R

Our other current favourite label based on continental Europe is Austria's Seayou Records who are releasing this new single from former artist to check out Squalloscope. The Vienna-based singer-songwriter is putting out the superb experimental textures of 'Z-E-P-H-Y-R' which mix acoustic guitars with electronic production and her fine voice. The track is taken from her album 'Soft Invasions'.

To download 'Z-E-P-H-Y-R' for free head here

Squalloscope's website

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Major Major Major - Peace Love Darkness

Austin, Texas has been proving to be a great hotspot for garage and punk bands of late, and another impressive act to add to their roster is Major Major Major, who despite their name are a duo, and probably not majors, although we haven't checked. Anyway, their eponymous debut EP is out now and here's the brilliantly raw and bouncing 'Peace Love Darkness'.
Major Major Major's website

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