Wednesday 24 October 2012

Chemical Smile - Thanks For The Company/Suede Glove

Single review by KevW

"Like The Smiths fronted by Nick Cave" is what it says here. Now if that's not making yourselves an easy target or setting yourselves up for a fall then I don't know what is. Referring your sound to past legends is common, but stating, almost as fact, that your sound is a hybrid of two iconic musical institutions is pushing your luck a bit. Chemical Smile started out life on the south coast of England before heading for the bright lights of London town to push their sounds on a more substantial population, and have now reached the point where it's debut single and throwing yourself to the vicious hounds of the music press time. They speak of the influence of 60s psychedelia and garage bands as well as the history of Britain's indie scene, music they're attempting to use as inspiration to form their own identity and sound.

The knives will be sharpened, but probably not used. Not for the time being at least. 'Thanks For The Company' opens with a riff courtesy of some mid 80s guitar-pop and the easiest way to describe the song would be a bit like Nick Cave fronting The Smiths. Hmm. They're not lying then, and although it's unlikely to become as revered as those musical titans, it's really rather a decent tune and one that definitely shows promise. Had it been released back then it may be deemed an important recording now, but it's 30 years too late for that; it is a good song though, no question. 'Suede Glove' doesn't fare quite as well although it has its merits, particularly the Peter Green style guitar. If the first track was the sound of 80s indie then this is heading back to the 60s and The Doors' dark rock sounds. They've picked some lofty targets to aim for and it remains to be seem whether they reach them, but with this solid first offering they're giving it a pretty good go.

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