Monday 29 October 2012

Lola's Bad - Drown With Me

Single review by KevW

Lola's Bad are part Greek and part English. In fact they're part many things; pop, avant-garde, performance artists, doom-mongers, experimentalists, minimalists, tribal and mysterious. And that can only be a good thing right? It certainly beats being labelled as 'singer-songwriter'. Evangelina C is a Greek performance artist, choreographer, director and singer, and in Lola's Bad she works with English multi-instrumentalists and producer Bat Halliday. The music they make is fairly uncategorizable but the best description we've heard is The Knife meets The Cocteau Twins, something that sums up the slightly ethereal and dreamy nature of their experimental and sometimes harsh sounding take on alt-pop.

Such a comparison is perfect for new single 'Drown With Me'. The music feels uncomfortable and shady whilst also being distinctly impressive in its nonconformist nature. It's ghostly and stark as well as having an incredible attention to detail and managing to put across its message impeccably. For some people 'Drown With Me' will be music to be impressed by as opposed to music to actually listen to, but anyone with a more left-field taste will find plenty to admire. Of course being such a multi-talented duo it would be an astonishing waste for them not to accompany this single with a skilfully produced video that captures the very essence of the song in visual form, so that's exactly what they've done. We're guessing the critics will be all over Lola's Bad before too long.

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