Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Boxing Lesson - Health Is The New Drug/Better Daze

Single review by KevW

This single from Texan psych-rockers The Boxing Lesson was first released earlier on this year but there's a definite feeling of darkness about it that may be more suited to the strange ritual of celebrating all things ghoulish that takes place at this time of year, and so it's being given another (deserved) push complete with a new video to tie in with Halloween. 'Health Is The New Drug' is a blitzkrieg of guitars being shredded with a deep and brawny psychedelic groove, a little like Wooden Shjips minus the repetition, it throbs and rumbles with considerable drive. It's a song worthy of top billing, but 'Better Daze' makes you wonder why it wasn't shared as a double A-side.

Sounding something like The Cramps covering Roxy Music, 'Better Daze' is a match for 'Health...' with added sinister undertones. It contains some similarly impressive fretwork and a crunching psych beat; neither of these songs make you think of sunny days and fluffy clouds; these are forbidding sounds and the slightly comical, part animated video they've made for 'Better Daze' works a treat (or should that be a trick or treat?) and shows that while their music may be stern and powerful they don't take themselves too seriously. Something that's always a good quality to have.

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