Saturday 27 October 2012

Five For Free #126

Blonde Bunny - How Do You Cope, Hope?

Now here's a band capable of bringing the psych-rock crown back to the UK. London-based Blonde Bunny have made their debut EP available for free download and 'How Do You Cope, Hope?' has one of the heaviest psych grooves we've heard all year. With a muscly bassline and some scorching guitar this lot have what it takes to be rubbing shoulders with the big boys before long.

Blonde Bunny's website

Stream or buy the EP

ELIM BOLT - Farm Kid

In November, South Carolina's ELIM BOLT will be releasing their debut album on a new local independent label, Hearts & Plugs. Titled 'Nude South' it looks set to be full of what they accurately describe as "indie croon rock". So it has edge, generally avoids mainstream rock sounds, and also shuns lo-fi ramblings in favour of something more substantial. Check out free single 'Farm Kid'.

ELIM BOLT's website

Pre-order the album

Selebrities - Time

We've been banging on about Brooklyn electro/post-punk band Selebrities for quite some time now and it's been a little disappointing that they haven't become as big as they deserve to be. But slowly and surely their star continues to rise and maybe that break into the more mainstream music press is finally on the horizon. Grab awesome free track 'Time' to hear what all the fuss is about.

Free download: 'Time'

Selebrities' website

Stream the album in full

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Aztec Birds - No. 7 Honey

More impressive rumblings from the North East of England, an area producing more quality new bands than most at the moment. Aztec Birds are a guitar/vocals and drums styled duo, but stop any White Stripes comparisons right there. The tunes on their debut single are a punky and psychedelic form of garage rock that you can dance to, and they make a superb noise.

Aztec Birds' website

Stream or download the single in full

The Foreign Films - You Were My Summer Sun

Rounding things up with some gorgeous, melodic sounds are The Foreign Films whose new single includes the orchestral, sunkissed pop of 'You Were My Summer Sun'. Beginning with some tidy harmonies and a reflective mood, it soon builds to a sublimely realised and euphoric ending that should capture the heart of many a guitar-pop fan, especially those with a penchant for 60s pop.

The Foreign Films' website

Stream or download the single in full

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