Wednesday 17 October 2012

Terminal Gods - Lessons In Fire

Single review by KevW

Following up their ace debut single 'Electric Eyes', London nocturnal post-punks Terminal Gods offer up another platter of monochrome gothic new-wave that directly channels the collective spirits of Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy and even early Depeche Mode with its iciness. 'Lessons In Fire' is very much in the same vein as their debut, mixing a slightly anthemic sound with those relentless, snapping beats and almost monotone delivery that bursts into colour briefly for the chorus. It's a rousing number that should see them making more headway into the nation's consciousness (or at least the indie/punk nation). 'Lessons In Fire' is only part of the story here, this single comprises of three tracks, all of which deserve a little of you ear time.

Those snappy drums also drive 'Constrictor', a song that shares common ground with noise-rock bands like A Place To Bury Strangers and Ceremony (the Virginian band, not the Californian hardcore lot) and guitar that's allowed to roam free over the top. It's a non-stop ride through shadowy and bleak lands that's oddly alluring. On 'The Card Player' they take a familiar chord pattern and coat it in their moody, echoing sounds, creating another one that hits anthemic heights, it may be an indication that if Terminal Gods wanted they could set their sights on more mainstream sounds. For now they're happily becoming stars of London's murky underground and that suits them just fine.

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