Saturday 27 October 2012

Moones - Better Energy

Single review by KevW

OK so we're guilty of missing out on this adorably funky piece of guitar-pop when it was released as a single earlier on this year, but to throw out that old cliche: better late than never. Even more so when it's a catchy, jumpy and energetic number like this one. Moones might not be a household name, yet their work hasn't gone unnoticed and the video for 'Better Energy' is nominated in two categories at the UK Video Music Awards. Given their quirky style and non-mainstream sound it seemed a fairly safe bet that their video might follow a similarly interesting and unconventional route, especially as they're a small band nominated for some big awards. We thought we'd better investigate.

Sure enough, this hyperactive bundle of fizzing indie/pop is accompanied by suitably bizarre, perplexing and grin-inducing madness. Combining real footage with animation, pyrotechnics and dubious looking stage props, the video (at a guess) details a shipwreck in the Antarctic during which the captain catches fire and dies, the band are left performing on an iceberg where they successfully go fishing for mackerel, um, sausages, a barbecue and a canister of gas. SOS messages go ignored by a passing fisherman receiving a massage from a penguin and eventually the iceberg crumbles away leaving the band to freeze to death. Oh, and there's a piano playing cat with a machine gun who gets eaten by crabs. Just ive them the prize now.

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