Wednesday 17 October 2012

Forest Mountain Hymnal - Love Is A Passé Emotion

Single review by KevW

It looks like we're going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that a large proportion of the music we listen to is going to be made by happy couples. We've lost count of how many boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife duos we've featured these past couple of years. These combinations have frequently been found creating some pretty fantastic dreampop (Exitmusic, Cults, Tennis, Shi-Shi, Summer Camp etc.) and although Nashville lovebirds Jonathan and Rebecca Moody don't envelope their songs in the same cosy fuzz, there's definitely a dreamy aspect to what they do. As Forest Mountain Hymnal they've released three free download EPs in the past year or so and are planning an album release sometime this winter.

Where their trio of EPs were centred around themes (Christmas, Halloween and getting married... aww!), we're guessing the album will feature various subject matter. First single 'Love Is A Passé Emotion' is an incredibly tender song, and one that doesn't quite fit any particular tag. There's an air of Americana and traditional folk, but it also has a lullaby-like quality and is essentially a pop song stripped down to reveal just its delicate soul. The lyrics sing of love and "complete serenity" and the music could certainly be described using those two words. There's something incredibly honest about this song, its hiding behind nothing and its trying to emulate no one, and in doing so it feels incredibly natural and free from pretense; something that's very refreshing. To check out more of their sweet music, check out their Bandcamp page.

Forest Mountain Hymnal's website

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