Tuesday 30 October 2012

The #1s - Self Titled 7"

Single review by KevW

What's in a name? Well calling yourselves The #1s could be seen as arrogant or it could be seen as simply being confident. Either way, it's surprising it hasn't been used before (or maybe it has, but not that we can think of). More exact and more descriptive is calling their latest release 'Self-Titled 7"'. The #1s aren't a band to bore you will details. We know they're Irish (probably) and simply describe themselves as "powerpop/punk", which to be fair hits the nail bang on the head. Much like this to-the-point approach to press and biography, their music is also concise and certainly doesn't allow for any messing about.

There are two tracks on this 7" (it's also available for download) and the whole thing is done and dusted in under five minutes. They're keeping the spirit of punk alive, and despite a cover which maybe looks a little too try-hard, like they want us to know that they don't give a fuck, the tunes feel natural rather than styled. 'I Wish I Was Lonely' is great fun, melodic, punchy and simple; it's exactly what punk should be about, great tunes stripped of indulgence and self-importance. The more ragged 'He's Too Good For Everyone Else But He's Not Good Enough For You' is essentially more of the same and makes this a single that's difficult to fault. Ignore the cliches of beer can, fags, shades, leather jackets and badges, these guys have some top tunes.

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