Sunday 28 October 2012

Severin - Ways To Distract

Single review by KevW

It's been a pleasure watching Severin's career develop this year, be it the coldwave of freebie 'Factory Fodder' or their superb EP 'Everything Breaks', they've shown incredible promise and a crunching noise-pop sound that's just the right side of full-on terrorism of the ears. The duo are sticking to their guns and keeping their volatile edge and quaking beats, neatly combining them with a sharp but accommodating female vocal. The problem with a lot of bands who've walked a similar path is that they've been embraced by the critics but largely shunned by the public, and therefore many have a quite short shelf-life.

There's a reasonable chance of Severin bucking this trend and their debut album could be about to arrive at the perfect moment, just when the wider music buying public are getting used to bands like Teeth and Crystal Castles who've almost become a household name. The choice of Rory Attwell, a man well acquainted with the art of making noise sound great, seems like the perfect selection of producer. This debut album is due in the new year and the first single taken from it is the typically juddering yet melodic attack of 'Ways To Distract', a song that suggests the future's looking very bright for these guys.

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